Lightsaber DIY


Star Wars Lightsaber from a pool noodle!!!   This is a fun DIY that is perfect for the lil Jedi in your life!

All you need for this DIY project:

pool noodle

electrical tape

duck tape

You can find all materials at the Dollar Tree.  To make a double sided lightsaber just place two stripes of the gray duck tape in the center of the noodle.  Make stripes and buttons using the black electrical tape.  Smaller lightsabers can be made by cutting the noodle in half and placing the duck tape and electrical tape on one end of noodle.

Now get ready for hours of fun as you and your child engage in the ultimate galactic battle!  Perfect fun for a Star Wars party theme for all ages!


3 thoughts on “Lightsaber DIY

    1. I love your blog! So many great ideas for an epic Star Wars themed party. I will be borrowing some of your printable Silhouette’s as we are making tee’s for my lil guy’s Lego Star Wars party. Thank you!!!

  1. Love this and EVERYTHING Disney. Your blog is one of my favorites! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog. There is a post of my blog for you to accept the award! You deserve it! Hope you check it out!

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