Indulge with “The Troublemakers of Taste” The Belgian Boys

If you like all things sweet like I do, then you have got to try the Belgian Boys sweet array of treats.  The Belgian Boys have traveled all around Belgium to discover sweet treasures and  bring us nothing but yummy goodness!!!   And because Belgium is surrounded by four countries, they are the melting pot of decadent delights!  The sweet treats are inspired by the tastes of France, Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium.  And I must say they are incredible as I have been lucky enough to try them!

Each cookie is individually wrapped so they are perfect for a lunchbox surprise and also great for portion control!


My kids absolutely loved the Mini Choco Stroopwafels.   They are devilishly addictive, so watch out!  A crispy waffle filled with creamy sticky chewy gooey melted caramel.  As if that wasn’t enough, they are dipped in real Belgian Callebaut chocolate!  They melt in your mouth and leave your taste buds begging for more!


Lucky for you there is more!!!  The Stroopwafel comes in a second variety minus the chocolate.  It is like biting into a mini waffle drizzled in caramel goodness.


These treats are trans fat free, kosher, and perfect for your vegetarian diet.  Not only can you enjoy them straight out of the packaging, but add them to your favorite foods.  Top off your favorite ice cream with bits of the Stroopwafel or tower them and smother them in syrup!   There are so many possibilities and if you can’t think of a creative way to munch em you can check out the Belgian Boys Go Creative page for some inspiration!  These treats are available for purchase online at Belgian Boys Shop and are exceptionally priced.  Stock up now and share them with everyone you know!!!  They will love you for it!

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