Fettuccine Alfredo with a side order of cockroach?!


Mother’s Day brunch was not all that it was cracked up to be.  It was a horrible experience from start to finish.  The first of our party arrived at 11:00 am to request a table for a party of 11…4 mothers in our party, so of course there is much to celebrate. When the rest of the party arrived at 11:30 and headed to the table we discovered it was only set for 9 people and in a very tight area. Of course being Mother’s Day it was busy and they had no other tables available.  At first we were told that was all they had and it was ok’d by the gentleman of the group, so they weren’t going to provide us another table.  When I continued to express loudly that it was set for 9 people and we were a party of 11 and needed to be sat somewhere else…they decided to listen.  At this point the crowd was building and there were spectators.  We waited another 25 minutes for a table and the general manager comp’d some appetizers for the misunderstanding.  When we sat at the table there were several things wrong…my wine glass had food stuck to the outside of the glass…two members of our party ordered soup and only one was brought out, a tea was ordered, brought out, sat on the tray on the counter behind us for ten minutes before it was delivered to the very thirsty mommy that ordered, and then it happened….as my sister opened her napkin to unravel her silverware it jumped out scurrying across the table!  It was a ROACH!

pests: American cockroach, at left, is ubiquitous; Florida harvester ants (Pogonomyrmex badius), above, have a sting you won't forget. University of Florida photos/James Castner, Department of Entomology and Nematology Story Slug: LIbugprof.ART|LIbugprof.ART|LIbugprof.ART

I quickly got up and went to the manager that was assisting us earlier.  She of course wanted to see it, as if we were making it up.  We had trouble finding him as he was hiding.  It took a few minutes, but then he started scurrying up the wall in the dining room.  He was of medium size.  She simply took the napkin away and said she was terribly sorry.  At that point, I had lost my appetite.  We hadn’t even ordered food yet and I was ready for my check.  We probably would have received better service at McDonald’s.  The manager came back out while we were eating to offer us 25% off our bill, and yet when we received the checks there were extra drinks added that we did not order and some of the meals were not entered correctly and charged at a higher price.  After paying she gave us each a $5 gift certificate to come back.  We have already decided that we will not be coming back for any future dining experiences.  It was just one bad thing after another and on such a special day.  There was a lack of customer service.  No one offered to clean the table after the roach danced all over the it, the utensils and napkin were not replaced until after I asked, and they should have comp’d my sister’s meal.  Not to mention the manager never spoke to my sister to apologize…(she was the one that was handed the surprise of a roach on Mother’s Day)  By far this was the worse experience we have ever had, and although the manager apologized and said she felt awful, it will never replace the memories that we have for Mother’s Day 2015.

By the way…I almost forgot…the disgusting experience was courtesy of Olive Garden located at the Loop in Kissimmee, FL

Do you think the manager handled the situation well?  Do you think 25% off the bill was a nice gesture or not enough for the trouble?

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