StrapSnake Guitar Strap

My daughter started taking guitar lessons at a local music shop back in September.  Since starting her lessons she has become quite the lil rock star.  Of course every talented rock start needs awesome accessories to be a success!  The StrapSnake Guitar Strap provides excellent support for your musician and will improve performance and posture.   This guitar strap is made of high quality cotton and provides a very soft touch as it rests on the musicians neck.   Easily to attaches to the guitar and fits snuggly.  It features an adjustable strap and adjusts to 56″ long.


My daughter gives StrapSnake two thumbs up.  She says it is the best fitting guitar strap and does not hurt her neck like her old one.  She is confident the guitar is secure when she is jamming out like the guitar diva she is.

We received a complimentary guitar strap from StrapSnake in exchange for our honest review.

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