TShirts of Encouragement

One of the hottest trends right now in the fashion world are Inspirational Tee’s.  You may have seen them at your favorite boutique…I bought one for my niece this Christmas that said, “Let it Go” and another for my daughter’s upcoming birthday that reads, “beautiful you.”  Spiro Spero is taking inspirational tee’s to a whole nother level.  They have stepped up there shirts to not only inspire, but to encourage others to {SHINE} with tee’s like:


Defy the world while wearing these empowered tee’s!  They are super soft and made with a relaxed fit.    All of the ink used in the screen printing process is water based and environmentally friendly.  There is a definite vintage look to these beauties!  Very easy to care for.  Wash with like colors in cold water and dry with low heat or lie flat to dry.  I forgot about mine and tossed the shirts in the dryer and was ecstatic that they did not shrink.  Very high quality and the perfect fit!

Get your Spiro Spero tee of encouragement on ETSY

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tee1  tee3

Love one Another…a sweet reminder of how God instructs us to live and love.

Be Nice or Shut it…another sweet reminder of that day ol phrase,

“If you have nothing nice to say DO NOT SAY IT ALL.”

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