Dr Seuss Day Fun…

I know, I know I am a lil late in posting my Dr. Seuss Day Costume Ideas…but if you had any idea how busy I was with finals you would totally forgive me.  My children needed last minute costumes for Dr. Seuss Day at their school.  Like, they told me about dressing up two days before.  I had no time to go store hopping for pieces, so I used what we had lying around the house.  I had taken pictures of my step by step procedure, but my iPhone went on the fritz and I lost all my pics.  I am sorry that I keep disappointing you my friends. Here is the finished look:

On right:  My kids in costumes we put together.  On left:  My son and his friend at school.
For Thing 1:  Red pajama bottoms, a Red polo, white tshirt paint, piece of cardboard, wide mouth mason jar ring, white hat, white finger paint, blue finger paint, black sharpie, and a cute lil boy. Step 1: Place the small piece of cardboard or the top of a shoebox inside the red shirt.  Using the wide mouth mason jar ring trace the inner side with white tshirt paint and fill in circle.  (let dry overnight) Step 2:  Using a sharpie write THING 1 or THING 2 in center of the white circle. Step 3: Mix the white and blue finger paint to make the perfect blue.  Paint the white hat and let it dry overnight. Step 4: Put it all together! Cindy Lou was a lot easier!  For Cindy Lou: striped pajama bottoms, pettiskirt, cute top, small foam cup, big bow, pony tail holder, lots of hairspray, and a pretty girl. Step 1: Get dressed! leave the hair for last. Step 2: Gather all of the hair in the highest pony tail you can do. Step 3: Split the pony into two parts and place the foam cup in between the parts. Step 4: Gather the parts together and cover the foam cup.  Using the elastic pony tail holder tie off the top. Step 5: Spray like crazy!  Don’t hold back on the hairspray.  You are going to need half a bottle to keep this baby up! Step 6: Add the bow. Viola!  Your adorable daughter has been transformed into Cindy Lou!

Now that it is all said and done

your kids will have nothing but fun!


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