Catch the Salsa Beat…Learn it, Love it, Live it!

Have you been itching to learn to Salsa?  With Dance Crazy you can learn not just one sexy dance, but four!  The at home DVD learning set includes four discs that will teach even the earliest beginner how to Salsa, Swing, Meringue, and Bachata.  Follow the easy to learn steps alone or with a dancing partner at your own speed.  Not only is dancing fun, but a great way to tone your body and aides in weight loss.  Dance yourself to a healthier heart with Dance Crazy Dance Lessons Starter Kit!  Purchase now on Amazon.


If four dances are too much for ya, perhaps Beginning Salsa Dance, Volume 1 is more your pace.  This dvd focuses mainly on instruction to master Salsa for the beginner.  No dancing skills needed.  Progress with every dance session.  Purchase now on Amazon.


I have been having so much learning with my children.  That is right!  Even the youngest can learn and follow the steps.  Super easy and convenient.   After a week of dancing I have noticed by muscles are getting tighter and my tummy is flatter.

Thank you Dance Crazy for the opportunity to review your instructional DVD’s in exchange for my honest opinion.

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