The Chore Chart

I can not begin to tell you how much my life has changed since The Chore Chart walked into my life.  Before The Chore Chart my life was chaotic.  The kids had to be reminded to do their chores EVERYDAY and even still they didnt do them.  And I with my OCD would do the leftover chores after the kids went to bed.  Which was ALL of them.  I was spent.  I mean, as if I already didnt have enough to do…my day begins at 5am and ends at midnight.  There is work, kids school work, chores, dinner, baths, laundry, school lunches, my school work, and everything else in between.   Im a single mom so I do everything…and I am so blessed to do so.  Don’t get me wrong.  But it is nice to have some help every now and again.  And chores teach the children responsibility.

One day I had one of those light-bulb moments!


And that is how I came up with the chore chart idea…and when I Googled chore chart I found the one!  It was like it was meant to be!  I had no idea what amazing mom victory I was about to liberate.  So I printed out the Chore Chart for both of my kids, one in blue and one in pink. Later that evening my kids and I had a family meeting to discuss the dreaded chores.  My 10 year old daughter just moaned, “Mom this is outrageous!  How can you possibly think it is okay to force me to do chores?!  I would rather watch tv and lose myself.”  My 5 year old son, just stared at me.  And that is when I pulled out my secret weapon…THE CHORE CHART!  My son said, “Awesome!  What can I do?!” and my daughter, was more interested in knowing what chores her lil brother was gonna be assigned.  We thought of some easy house jobs for my lil guy:  Pick up toys, make bed, clear his plate after meals, vacuum, and sort the laundry.  My daughter had a few too…make bed, clean the table, fold the laundry, and empty dishwasher.  They really enjoy checking off the chores day by day and are learning some responsibility in life.   And now mom has a few extra minutes at night to do what I love, write to all of you!

Here is the chore chart I used.  I do not know who originally made this.  If I did I would most certainly give credit where credit is due.  This was an awesome chart that really did change my life.

Chore-Chart-01a01 (1)Chore-Charts-01a4 (1)

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