How to Curl your Eyelashes

So not all of us have naturally long and curled lashes.  Some of us have to work for what we got.  I have found the perfect eyelash curler and it is so easy to use!  cccurler

Live Wire Beauty’s Premium Eye Lash Curler is available on Amazon and is the best choice for luscious lashes…

– Create lashes that appear full, thick, and give you a beautiful “wide-eyed” look
– Never requires refill pads! The eyelash curler that will last your entire life.
– Easy to use, ergonomic design engineered to give you the perfect curl every time.

But how do you use this contraption?  It is so very easy!!! All you need to do is place your eyelashes in the curler correctly, hold, and repeat! Ok well there are a few extra steps that I will walk you through below:

Step 1)  Apply your eyeliner and eyeshadow first. Allow to dry before curling your lashes.  Put down that mascara!  You will save that for last 🙂

Step 2) Make sure your lashes are dry. Trying to curl wet lashes could result in the “bent lashes” look.

Step 3) Open the curler and place your lashes inside the mouth of the curler.  Close your eye slightly, then open it; all of the lashes should move into the curler’s mouth. Always hold the eyelash curler so that the mouth is parallel to your lashes.

Step 4) Move the curler closer to the eye until the tool comes to the base of the lashes, but not over the skin of the eyelid.

Step 5) Keep the eye open and slowly close the curler. Your eyelashes should fan out evenly across the upper bar. If at any time you feel pinching, readjust the curler.

Step 6) Hold the closed curler for a slow count of five, keeping your hand and face steady. Repeat for additional volume.

Step 7) Repeat steps 1-6 on the other eye

Step 8) You may put on your mascara if you so choose or you are done and now have beautiful curled lashes.


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