Cleaning with Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Are you still using paper towels and rags to do your cleaning?  Need something that is versatile and does not leave behind streaks?  Try using a microfiber cloth, they are revolutionary, environmentally friendly, and extremely effective way to clean. There are so many ways you can use microfiber cleaning cloths!


1) Use dry as a duster instead of using a cleaning cloth treated with chemicals or spray.  Simply wipe and the split microfiber acts as a positively charged magnet attracting the negatively charged dust particles.  I like to use the wipe and fold method to get the most of the cloth.   For instance, when using a 16 x 16 cloth it’s probably best to fold it into fourths. This gives you 8 cleaning surfaces on one towel. When using a smaller cloth, like a 12”x 12”, you may want to just use it unfolded like you would use a wash cloth while bathing. Once you’ve collected the dust around the house you can release the dust from the cloth by rinsing it out then you can go on to use the same cloth using the damp method described below.

2) Remove smudged dirt, grease, or stains using a damp microfiber cleaning cloth.  When using the microfiber towels damp, the squeegee like edges of each microfiber in a microfiber cleaning cloth scrape up the dirt while the open spaces keep the dirt in the microfiber towel. You can accomplish all of this with a microfiber towel without adding any chemical cleaners. When using the cloths damp it’s usually best to get it wet and then ring it out. You don’t want it to be dripping as the towel needs to have the capacity to absorb whatever you’re trying to clean off of surfaces. Like with a dry cloth, when using a larger cleaning cloth it’s probably best to fold it to give you multiple new cleaning surfaces on the same towel. This damp method works best for scrubbing bathrooms, cleaning appliances, wiping down kitchen counters, cleaning car interiors and hundreds of other cleaning applications.

3) Windows!  The absorbency of microfiber make it great for cleaning windows, even when just using the cloth with water. Microfiber cleaning cloths hold up to 7 times their own weight in liquid which allows them to clean glass while leaving no streaks. This feature also makes them great for cleaning up spills. This will allow you to cut down on the use of disposable cleaning products like paper towels.
4) Polish your stainless steel.  Use the microfiber cloth dry to polish your stainless steel and remove water stains.  Use damp to remove soap scum.  I love how my stainless steel sparkles and shines!
Microfiber cleaning cloths are machine washable! When cared for properly you can expect to get several hundred washing’s out of a single cloth and it will be as effective as it was the day it was new.
I had the opportunity to put Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Microfiber Cloth Towels to the test and discovered the cleaning power behind this green way of cleaning.  My review is of my own and is honest.
Now a word from the manufacturer:
Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Microfiber Cloth Towel – Polishes almost anything in a matter of seconds – Delivers guaranteed performance. 

Looking for a lint-free, streak -free solution to clean glass, mirrors or windows in your home?
Still using expensive and harsh chemical sprays which are dangerous for your health as well as for the environment?
Then you should try Pro Chef Microfiber Cloth Towel to eliminate all those headaches.
It quickly polishes and removes all smudges without leaving streaks or scratches. Guaranteed fast and easy approach to cleanliness and a sparkling shine!
Why Pro Chef Kitchen Tools is much better than others?
Unlike cheaper versions, Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Microfiber Cloth Towel is made of the highest quality materials with the right composition based on latest researches to polish everything clean.
Moreover, it is durable, long lasting and reusable for years! It saves your money as well as your time!
Also, this Microfiber Cloth Towel works well with stainless steel, chrome, granite, marble and all kinds of shiny surfaces.
Just keep one in your car, office, home and kitchen. It will absorb even a small oily finger print and keep your chrome shiny, mirror spotless and your dashboard dust-free.
Your purchase is backed by a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee and lifetime replacement warranty against any manufacturing defects.

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