Nose waxing…

noseOk girls, we are all friends here right?  What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t share the low down on nose waxing???  I have had my nose hairs waxed a couple times now.   I really like how pristine it makes my appearance.  Nose waxing provides a clean, finish touch that comes off very sleek and sexy.  I mean really who likes to see all that nose hair coming through your nostrils?!  Nose waxing does not hurt, it is so much easier than waxing your legs or underarms.  I do not recommend doing it yourself.  The wax technician will stick a small ball of wax on the tip of a stick that resembles a q tip without the cotton swab up your nose and jiggle it a bit.  When it cools, the tech will pull out very quickly and voila…hairless nose.  It is as simple as 1..2..3..!  So what are the benefits???  Honestly there are no health benefits to waxing your nostrils.  In fact you leave the window open for dust, dirt and other critters to find their way into your body. Nose hairs, although long and ugly protect you from germs and all those other yuckies.  I never really thought about it much, til my daughter put in her two cents and mentioned that the nose hairs protect my nose.  She is such a smartie!  I do like having a hairless nose because it does look nicer and I can breathe deeper.  Let’s face it we are getting older…and women are getting hairier.  It is a known fact.  Our lives are more stressful, and stress makes us produce male hormones such as testosterone, which fuels hair growth.  You will have to make a judgement call and decide for yourself.  Should you wax the olfactory or not?

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