Snug as a Bug and Cozy as a Bear…

Your sweet bumpkin will feel super comfy and safe in the Baby More Co baby wrap.  The material is incredibly soft, strong, and safe for your baby’s skin and the environment.  The Baby More Co baby wrap comes in three popular colors: black, oxford blue, and pink.  This is a must have item for new mom’s!  I wish I had one when my munchkins were younger.  You can keep baby close to your heart while you are doing household chores, taking a walk, or while dealing with big brother or big sister’s tantrums.  The best part is you can get things done and not neglect what matters most…your precious newborn. The baby wrap also provides more opportunity to bond with your precious one, as you are able to hold, touch, and feel your lil one. It is so easy to put on and comes with a cute cartoon illustration if you run into a snag when dressing your self in the wrap.   Baby More Co offers a double back guarantee if you find yourself not satisfied.  Double Back Guarantee!!!

Try it our for yourself and get it here…Amazon


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