Yargis a failed review

Brrr…it is chilly round these parts today.  Woke up to 39 degrees, but I love it.  I have an excuse to wear my blue jeans and my super uber cute Panda hat.  How is the weather where you are from?

So a lil update on my dear daughter:

Had to take her to the doctor to check her ear and it turns out she is in need of seeing a specialist.  That darn Lego may have done some serious damage.  I was told to put her on antibiotics (Oregano Essential Oil is my choice.)  She has a slight fever and some blood in her ear canal.  We are praying for God to heal her and that she does not need surgery.

I was asked to do a review on a new video game called Yargis.  It is a game that can be downloaded onto the PC.
Unfortunately, I was not able to download the game successfully onto my PC.  I continued to get error messages and virus alerts from Norton my antivirus program.  I contacted the company a few times about the issue I was having, but received no response.  So…there is no review on the game and I do not recommend downloading this game due to the potential hazards.

The picture of the game reminds me of the old Atari that we had when I was growing up.


Here is a bit of information from the manufacturer about Yargis:

Yargis is a fast paced spaceship shooter game from the top view. Yargis is a pilot for the Earth military in the year 3013. Despite having explored far beyond Pluto and Alpha Centauri, no contact with alien life has been made. Until now. An unknown species only known as the Mukka are attacking Earth and its inhabitants. It is up to Yargis to defend Earth and help uncover their fiendish plot while trying not to get blown to smithereens.

Detailed Features
  • * Battle friends in space through creative multiplayer modes
    * Gravity physics gives Yargis an entertaining playing exprience
    * Game controller support
    * Family friendly
    * Engaging story
    * Unlocks and rewards – Gain access to more interchangeable and upgradeable parts
    * Original 3D graphics and music
    * Level editor and shareable levels
    * Game engine built from the ground up for the best and most unique experience!

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