Nature Girl: A Guide to Caring for God’s Creation- a book review

This is a great resource for young girls ages 8-12. Inside they will discover the secrets of God’s great creation and how to tend to the Earth.  There are 10 chapters that review body care, healthy eating, animals, water, energy, recycling, and clean air.  Your tween will be inspired by quizzes, crafts, scriptures, recipes, and even science experiments.  One of my favorite recipes is the Sun Smooched Smore’s. Did you know that it takes an hour and 15 minutes to cook the smore’s in the sun?  This would be a neat recipe to try on the next camping trip!  Do you know the real reason you shouldn’t wear white in the winter?  Find out why in Nature Girl, by Karen Whiting and Rebecca White.  How clean is the air we breathe?  Find out by being an air detective.  So much fun awaits for your young girl in Nature Girl.


I received a complimentary copy of this book from booklook bloggers and the review is of my own honest opinion.

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