Time to speak out

Dalcor Property Management is new to Florida.  They manage apartments through out the state.  The corporate location is in Texas.  This property management group purchased the apartments that I called home for about two years.  About four months after they took over they contacted me telling me I had to provide proof of income and be approved as a new tenant.  This totally went against the lease agreement that I had with the previous management company.  At this time I really didn’t think much of it.  So I presented them with my pay stubs and waited to receive the message that would ensure my children and I could continue calling this place home.  About a week or so later I received an email telling me that I was not approved and I had til the end of the month to move out.  I was beside myself.  The property was low income housing and as a single mother of two children, making less than favorable income I knew this was a mistake.  So I pleaded with them to recalculate the income.  I asked for numbers and how the income was calculated.  The property manager was calculating my income with the previous year’s numbers provided by HUD.  This was the first challenge I had to overcome.  The company was unlawfully using the income guidelines from 2013 which were much lower than the current guidelines.  I continued to press the issue and every time I contacted Carmen the property manager I received the run around.  I didn’t know what to do.  I reported the property to HUD and began searching for a new place to live.  I was able to get approved at another low income apartment complex and I knew that Dalcor was wrong for reporting the wrong numbers.  I signed a new lease and we moved out.  I moved out with 15 days left to my lease that I had with the previous company.  In the lease agreement it stated that when the property was sold the new owners had to honor the terms of my agreement and because they tried to establish me as a new tenant they voided the contract.  However, they sent me a final bill that reflected over $1,000 due for breaking the contract.  I rebuttled a number of times.  Arguing the final bill and after months of fighting with them I was able to get some of my deposit back.  I rebuttled on July 31st and never received a response.  I sent them a letter written in the third party and was written to reflect an educated professional and a few days later a small part of my deposit was returned.  I am not completely satisfied, but I will settle.  The issue is this happens to so many innocent people.  There were a number of people that were run out of the complex when they began the renovations.  So many of my neighbors that were poor were stuck with bills just as outrageous as mine.  Sadly for these individuals they can not afford to fight or perhaps they do not know their rights as a tenant.  These final bills go unpaid and sit on their already rotting credit report.  I fortunately study law.  I am aware of my rights and I was not going to let Dalcor cheat me.  I stood up to them and I was prepared to take them to smalls claim court.  I had pictures, testimonies, video, and emails that proved this company to be unethical and unlawful.  I left out a ton of details that are pertinent to what I experienced and my fight.  What I wanted to come across strong is this company is out to cheat everyone that they can.  They have no mercy and they are very unprofessional.  Beware of Dalcor and their practices.  If you find yourself in a situation like I did, seek legal counseling or study the landlord-tenant laws of your state.  Stand up for yourself and your rights.

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