New fat burning fad…not so fat burning

The green coffee bean extract is said to be the greatest way to lose weight.  Even Dr.Oz promoted it on his show.  Fat is supposed to melt off your body and make you super slim!


 I was given a free 30 day sample of the green coffee bean extract to try and unfortunately I am not one of the success stories.  I took two pills thirty minutes before meals and I was lucky if I lost four pounds in thirty days.  I had even changed my diet and consumed more fruits, vegetables, and protein than I had ever consumed before.  The fat is still jiggling.  The worse part, the four pounds that took so long to lose, quickly came back in just a matter of days.  Heck…the lost pounds found extra pounds and brought those back with em.  Now I am heavier than I was before I tried the latest weight loss gimmick.  I do not recommend using these supplements to lose weight.  They will make you fatter faster.  Skeptical?  Try it out yourself and please let me know what kind of results you have…you can purchase the green coffee bean extract for weight loss at 

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