Pink Parchment Soaps

I think my secret has been let out of the bag!  I love all natural soaps!  And I have another fantastic soap review for ya’ll this week.  What I absolutely love is no two soaps are alike.  Like really!  Because soap making is an art.  The artisan develops his/her own signature and style and may use a variety of different ingredients.  Pink Parchment Soaps specialize in handmade Shea butter soaps, handmade sugar scrubs, and handmade body butters.  Using all natural vegan ingredients that will leave your body nourished and revitalized.


The natural oils used in their products will create a balance in the properties of your skin, while the essential oils used can help stabilize your mood.  I like the thick creaminess of the body butter and it absorbs into the skin quickly.  The body butter is pack full of skin loving oils, butters, vitamins and botanicals. The Cocoa and Shea butters help to retain moisture, while Vitamins A, C and E help to nourish your skin. Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Lavender extracts all work together to help soothe and pamper the skin. Rich, thick and very luxurious and you will be amazed at how long the scent lingers on your skin.  The peppermint is very light and airy.  I love to use this body butter after a long day at work or when I feel stressed. The scent of peppermint helps to relax me and keeps headaches at bay.


The Mango Papaya Sugar Scrub is fantabulous!  It is like all natural botox for the skin!  It is perfect for all skin types; young and old.  It is packed with Mango butter, Mango fruit extract, Papaya fruit extract, Turmeric, honey, and Coconut milk.  This combo reduces the appearance of blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles.  It is amazing to me the scars that I had on my hands for years (from a dog bite and rabbit scratch) are fading.


Beautiful and sweet soaps…this cucumber melon shea butter soap will leave your skin silky and soft.  The smell is sweet and is intoxicating.


There is also something for the kiddos!  The Ninja Soap makes bath time super uber fun.  My son was tickled pink that there was a fun soap made just for him!


There really is something for everyone in this shop!

Check back later today for a chance to enter and win some yummy goodies from Pink Parchment Soaps.

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