How do you share the events of 9/11 with a five year old???

After school my five year old son asked, “why is everyone talking about 9/11 mom, isn’t it just another day?”  His K teacher briefly mentioned that 13 years ago today our country was attacked, and that was that.  Well, I started to share with him the tragedy as nicely as I could (he is 5.)  I explained to him  that there are evil people in this world that like to hurt people and want to take away our freedoms.  We were attacked on 9/11 in an act of terror and evil people took over planes.  These evil people flew the planes into two tall buildings called the twin towers and killed thousands of people.  I told him there was another plane that was headed for the Pentagon and how the passengers on that plane were so brave and stood up to the hijackers and caused the plane to crash in a field.  I explained to him that many innocent and heroic people died that day.  There were fire fighters, police officers, and every day people that will always be remembered in our hearts.

We need to teach our children of the terrors in the world and help them to be prepared.  We can not let our history be forgotten and we need to continue to fight for our freedoms.


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