an adorable Fall boardbook with connection to the Christian faith

My Happy Pumpkin is the sweetest, happiest book about the harvest that I have ever read.  This book is perfect for babies, toddlers, even early readers.  In this story by Crystal Bowman we are introduced to a young boy and his dad.  His father is a farmer and he grows pumpkins.  When the pumpkins grow they are ready to be harvested and carved into Jack O Lanterns for the Fall fest.  Using symbolism the author teaches young children how God has chosen them just as the little boy chose his pumpkin.  We are made new through God’s love and our sins are washed away even the gooiest, sloppiest sin just as the little boy cleans out the slop from the pumpkin.  God created us and carved us to perfection.


When we are good, God’s love shines through us and unto others.  Books like My Happy Pumpkin are great tools when teaching our children about God’s love and just how special God made him/her.

Happy Fall!


I received a complimentary copy of this book from Book Look bloggers in return for a honest review.

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