Back 2 School Teacher gifts


Tomorrow is BACK TO SCHOOL for children in Central Florida.  Here are two super easy back to school teacher gifts that the kiddos can make. 

ABC Mason jar vase

You will  need:

Alphabet magnets in assorted colors

Mason Jar

Toilet paper tube




Step 1:  Glue the toilet paper tube to the inside of the mason jar.  Make sure it is centered.

Step 2;  Drop the alphabet letters inside the mason jar around the toilet paper tube. 

Step 3:  Place beautiful flowers inside the vase, place the stems inside the toilet paper tube.


ABC Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

You will need:

Mason Jar

Alphabet letter magnets

Clear hand soap

Plastic Ball lid with drilled hole

Soap pump

Step 1:  Fill 1/4 to 1/2 of mason jar with alphabet letters.

Step 2:  Fill jar with clear hand soap.

Step 3:  put lid on jar.

Step 4:  glue pup on lid.


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