Get to Know Apostle Paul


I have another book review for you today…I recently posted a review on the Get to Know series by Nancy I Sanders.  I just completed a second book in that series, titled Get to Know Apostle Paul.  This book follows the same easy to read pattern as Get to Know Jesus and includes many vibrant colored pages including images, timelines, and maps.  Get to Know Apostle Paul is filled with tidbits of information sectioned in categories that include Bible Hero, Eyewitness Account, Did You know, and Word Bank.

Learn about the path of Apostle Paul from the very beginning when he was known as a young boy names Saul through a time when he was imprisoned in Rome.  Readers will be intrigued with maps that lead us to each missionary journey and images of places that he visited as they are today.  This is a great informational book and a neat way to introduce the life of Apostle Paul to children.


I received a complimentary copy of this book from Book Look Bloggers in return for an honest review.

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