Mirena update

Just a lil update since I had the Mirena removed…after two weeks of recovering I feel like a new person.  I have already lost 5 pounds while on my same diet and light exercise.  My eyes are brighter and my body feels happy again.  Like I smile all the time and I feel more patient.  Not so quick to anger, although I have my moments.  I am only human.  And I have so much energy!  I can finally keep up with my five year old!  We have had more together time and I even tossed the football back and forth with him in the backyard.  While eating dinner the other day N told me he was so happy that mommy is finally playing with him again  That made me happy, but sad at the same time.  Because of the lack energy I had I was not engaging in much physical activity and N was missing out on some serious mommy son bonding time.  I am so thankful that I declared my body Mirena free.  

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