Daughters in Danger a book review

This book is a great tool and can be used to expose the dangers in society to our precious daughters.  As a single mother and a criminal justice student working towards my bachelor’s, I was not aware of just how common  violence, rape, and murder were  in today’s college life and youth in general.  It is a rising issue in our society that needs to be addressed.  With proper education and prevention we can bear our daughters with the armor to go out into the world and have successful and non violent relationships.  This is something that hits home more than most families.  When I was younger I found myself in a very violent relationship.  All the signs were there but I did not see them and before I knew it, it was much to late and I found myself the victim.  It wasn’t until my unborn daughter fell victim that my eyes were opened and I was able to pull myself out of the relationship to protect my baby.  Shortly after I ended up in another relationship very similar to my previous one and with help of a domestic violence group at my church I am a survivor and no longer a victim.  Daughters in Danger brings light to this ever so common issue and unmasks cases that with proper identification of the violent behavior could have been avoided and may not have ended so tragically for so many beautiful, smart, and courageous women.  Bennett also shares in great depth the programs that are offered to young women that offer education and help for victims.

As a parent it is our duty to teach our daughter’s about the dangers of the world and how to protect themselves.  We are not to imprison our girls, but to love them and nurture them and guide them, so that they are not caught off guard and fall victim.  It is our hope and desire as parents to see our children grow up, fall in love, and live happily ever after.  This book enlightens us as parents to a world that we have been oblivious to and gives us the knowledge we need to help our precious daughters make it to happily ever after.
Daughter’s in Danger is a page turner and a must read for every parent and student!  Whether you are male or female read this book!  Also a great read for anyone interested in crime prevention.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.

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