The truth about the Mirena IUD

This is not like any other post I have written.
This is my story…please beware that this blog piece is considered “girl talk.”  If you are a dude and don’t wish to read a conversation that your sister would have with her may want to skip this piece.
about five years ago my son N was born.  I was on Medicaid and was told that I had to go on some sort of birth control right away.  Or I would lose my Medicaid benefits.  After hearing all my options I weighed in on the Mirena IUD.  It sounded so easy…I never had to worry about forgetting to take anything, it was good for five years, and I had a great possibility of not having a period.  Wahooo!  Sold at no menstrual cycle!  I mean who wants to go through all those up’s and down’s every month?  So two months after N was born I had the Mirena IUD inserted.  I felt absolutely no pain.  I wasn’t even sure that it was in there, because I felt nothing.  My doctor assured me it had been placed where it needed to be and there was nothing that I had to do going forward.  She gave me a lil card that told me when (in five year) it needed to be removed or replaced.  And than it all happened…I thought I was going through one of life’s major changes.  It was horrible for the first 6 to 7 months.  I had mood swings, hot flashes, cold flashes,  I was on edge all the time and very tired.  It seemed as though I could not get enough sleep.  I was lethargic all day and I would day dream about being in my bed with the covers wrapped around me, sleeping soundly on the world’s fluffiest pillow. My body started to plump up too.  Before pregnancy I was 120 pounds and within a year and half of having the Mirena inserted I gained close to 35 pounds.  I looked like a oompa loompa.  My chest also got larger and went up three bra sizes.  I ate healthy and I exercised three times a week at the gym and on days I didn’t go to the gym I was walking.  For whatever reason I could not lose any weight.  I felt like I was going to be a whale forever.  There are also times where I would feel blank. I had no emotion and just feel blah. I have also suffered from severe muscle spasms. They were very similar to pain one would feel during a heart attack.  I literally thought I was having a heart attack one evening and my daughter called 911.   During this time I never thought to think that maybe the Mirena contributed to these changes.  I never had a period.  The last time I had a cycle was before my pregnancy with N.  For the last five years I recommended the Mirena IUD to everyone that asked me about it.  I thought it was great!
Five years later…
 I look at the same card that I received the day of the insertion and it is time to have this baby replaced.  I go to my doctor and request a new Mirena.  It wasn’t until my insurance provider told me that I had to pay $500 out of pocket for the Mirena that I started to do some research.  The only reason I wanted this thing was because I didn’t want to have a cycle each month.  I started reading stories about women, just like me that were experiencing the same side effects.  All caused by the Mirena IUD.  Many of them wrote that the US didn’t properly report the “after” effects and they had to look at the Canadian website to get the truth.  I do not need to know the truth, because sadly I lived it.  I have since then asked to have the IUD removed.  When I went for the removal appointment my new doctor discovered that there was nothing to discover…he was not able to find the IUD.  He said it, “could be that the string is cut to short or it could have gotten sucked up in there.”  “Wow!  You can’t find it?!  I know it is there somewhere…It was put in and I haven’t had my cycle for six years….unless this thing fell out and pushed me into early menopause, you totally need to find it!”  Today I will go for a procedure so that my doctor can play Marco Polo with the IUD and hopefully he can sneak a peek of it with the camera.  Hopefully, by the time you read this I will be on the road to recovery from the horrid Mirena IUD.
This blog post is just for informational purposes.  It is to share my story and how the Mirena IUD affected my life.  This does not mean that it happens to everybody.  Do a google search and learn for yourself.  You will find there are literally thousands upon thousands of stories that are very similar to mine and they all star the Mirena IUD.  Unfortunately, for the Mirena there is no grammy in it’s future for it’s performance.

3 thoughts on “The truth about the Mirena IUD

    1. Im a lucky girl! The doctor found it. Thankful I did not have to go to the hospital for surgery. One week after the removal and I feel like a person again. I have energy, can sleep through the night, and I feel happy! It is amazing how bad the Mirena was and I never even knew it.

      1. Yay! Glad to hear they found it! I bet you’re feeling better 🙂

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