Helping kids succeed

Yeehaw and good morning!!! Such a beautiful day! I would like to thank Pam P.S.
I Love Soap Co. <; for her donation
to the school supply drive. For those of you that may have missed my
post… I am looking to collaborate with other bloggers and vendors in a
back to school supply drive. I know it seems funny to think about going
back to school, when for many of us the Summer just began. But this time
can be very stressful for single parent homes. When you think about it the
cost for uniforms and school supplies add up real quick and when you have
more than one child in school you can find yourself spending anywhere
between $400-$800 on back to school. Many families do not have this money.
I live a few blocks away from Central Elementary in Kissimmee. This is one
of the poorest schools in my town. Many children live in hotels or are
homeless. The poverty rate is a record high along with the crime in the
area. These children are not able to come prepared for learning, they are
trying to survive. I would like to give back and I can not do it alone. I
am asking others to come together with me for this great cause and either
donate school supplies or a monetary gift that can me given in the form of
a gift card for stores like office max/ office
that the families can purchase school supplies. Even the smallest gesture
makes difference.

In return for your patronage and support I will offer free advertising on
my blog and Facebook page in the form of features and shot outs…It is my
way of saying thanks for your support and gift to these families in need.

For more details on how to help, please send me a private message.

Thank you!

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