The Adversary



Before I read this book, my knowledge on Spiritual Warfare was very limited.  I had some personal experience dealing with Demon Activity, but I had a hard time truly understanding or even believing it.  The Adversary by Mark I. Bubeck is a resource to the Christian believer that feels the growing battle for their spiritual soul.  In this book you will learn how to wear the armor of God and how to protect your soul and how to shun off demon activity by the powerful word of God and prayer.  As Christians, Satan will constantly try to get to us,  but we do not need to fear because this battle has been won by the most powerful; Jesus Christ! Bubeck exposes the conflict of demon activity and the hope we as believers have.

Discover the answers to these questions:

What is Satan’s strategy in spiritual warfare?

  • Can a Christian be oppressed by demons?
  • Can demonic affliction be passed down through family lines?
  • What are the symptoms of demonic activity in a person’s life?

With more than 350,000 copies old worldwide, this best seller will help the reader triumph demon activity by understanding the power in God’s word and in his love for us.

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