Mason Jar Pin Cushion

Love to sew? Then you may need a pin cushion! Here is a unique and very simple pin cushion tutorial. It took me about 5 minutes to make. I just love easy, peasy crafts!  You will need material, pillow fluff, cardboard, and a mason jar.  I chose to use denim, but I found out that it is not the easiest material to manipulate because it is thick.


Cut the material 2 inches larger then that of the mason jar ring.  Cut a piece of cardboard in a circular shape to match the size of the mason jar ring.  Place a handful of pillow fluff in the inner center of the material and place the cardboard cut out on top of the fluff.  Gather the material over the cardboard and stuff through the hole of the mason jar ring. Glue the gathered material closed around the cardboard.  Easy peasy!  You have a pin cushion!


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