Good-bye, Bumps!

Good-bye, Bumps! is written by New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Wayne W Dyer and his daughter Saje Dyer. This is Saje’s first book. In Good-bye, Bumps! Saje tells about her experience of how she “healed” herself as a child from a terrible case of bumps. As a young girl she had bumps on her face that she did not like and one night she talked to her bumps and told them she did not like them. She did this over and over until one day they were gone. Although, this is a cute story to share, I do not agree with the lesson that is being taught to her young readers. The main idea or lesson if you will is that we are capable of healing ourselves simply by talking to the part of ourselves that we do not like and telling it that we do not want it or want it to change or go away. This book fails to teach our children that it is God that has the power to heal us and help us change the way we feel about ourselves. When we need healing we call on the name of Jesus. There is just something about that name. Jesus!

I do not recommend this book for the Christian family.


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