Riley Mae and the Ready Eddy Rapids

My daughter A just finished reading Riley Mae and the Ready Eddy Rapids a chapter book by Jill Osborne. This book has 252 pages and took her about a week to read, in between doing all of her studies, choir, recorder and guitar practice. We received a complimentary copy of this book from Zondervan Publishing and because it is written for young girls I thought it would be best if my daughter wrote the review. So here it is…My daughter A is nine years old and has written the body for this book review. Here is A’s book review on Riley Mae and the Ready Eddy Rapids:
riley mae
“This story is about this girl that was 13 years old named Riley Mae Hart. When Riley meets Flip and Fawn she goes on an amazing adventure. When they were on the plane the girl learned Flip and Fawn weren’t Flip and Fawn. They were the children of a billionaire. Since the father was so rich bad people killed him for his money. Weeks later Riley and her dad meet Sunday, who loves the color orange and is fighting Leukemia. Sunday has three sisters; Hope, Faith, and Grace. When Riley’s mom comes with her friend Rusty she goes on the ride of her life.

I liked this book because it shows how God is always there. God helped Rusty, Riley’s friend find her mother. In the story you will learn that her mom had left her and her dad when Rusty was younger. God also healed Sunday from Leukemia. Sunday was thankful and had a huge smile. This book is a reminder to girls like me that are young, that God is always with us even though we can not see him. -A”

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