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My post this evening has been written by Melissa, the creator and owner of Cradle Cuties.  Cradle Cuties is a sweet lil shop on Etsy, where the oh so boring hospital hat for your newborn baby is transformed into a super cute and stylish accessory.  Cradle Cuties are super adorable!  I truly wish this was around when I had my chicklins.  As a first time mom of a sweet lil girl I snagged every pink baby item that I could find.  My daughter was dressed in all the lace and frills from head to toe.  She was cute as a button!  My son was also dressed up sweet, in blues and greens with cars and teddy bears.  And then there was that hat!  That boring old, not so unique, everybody including your momma wears me hospital hat!  You know the one that comes in either blue or pink with all the stripes. I wondered why no one had ever thought about sprucing it up a bit and then almost 10 years later, I found Cradle Cuties!  Ok so really these are the cutest hospital hats ever!  Melissa captures the tradition of the hospital hat with a touch of added  flair using  flowers, bows, initials, and adorable lil sports balls.

Ok so enough from me….here is her story!  As told by Melissa Santos creator of Cradle Cuties:


“About me:
My name is Melissa Santos. I am married to my Best Friend and World’s Greatest Husband, Daniel.  Together we have 2 beautiful girls.  Mia who is 8 and Ella who is 6.  They are the light of my life.  I am a stay at home Mom and the owner of Cradle Cuties.  Needless to say between these two jobs, I stay very busy.  But I am truly Blessed and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
About Cradle Cuties:
Cradle Cuties the business started in 2011 with a shop on Etsy.  The idea started way back in 2005 with the birth of my first daughter Mia. The nurse at the hospital fashioned a bow by pulling one hat through a slit in another hat. It was my favorite hat and we used it till she outgrew it.  Fast forward 2 1/2 years to Ella’s birthday. No hat 😦  We improvised though. I have the sweetest photo of Ella out in the sun with her plain hospital hat, jazzed up with a handpicked flower that Mia picked for her.  I was blessed to be able to be a stay at home mom with two beautiful girls. In need of an outlet and a little extra money I started looking for a crafty project.  Cradle Cuties was born.  The opening of my Etsy store was just the beginning.  I have seen great success on Etsy.  My favorite is getting photos of all my “Cuties” and the stories from their Moms. They send such sweet messages of how their babies were the stars of the nursery. Doctors and nurses stop by just see them.  It makes me so proud to have a small part in such a special moment. I feel like a proud Momma to each and every one!
In August of 2013, I was asked to join a showroom in Dallas.  This was the beginning of my wholesale venture.  Cradle Cuties has now gone retail!  In a matter of 6 months, I am a part of 3 children’s showrooms now and Cradle Cuties can be found at Children’s Boutique stores and even Hospital gift shops nationwide!  What a growth!
The product:
Cradle Cuties are the traditional newborn hospital hat with a stylish twist!  These are the very same classic hats issued by hospitals. They maintain the functionality, comfort and warmth but with Cute Flair!  Each hat is beautifully embellished with a hand sewn bow, flower or appliqué.  Cradle Cuties offers so many designs to choose from for girls and boys.  Girls have First Bows and Flowers galore!  Rhinestones or classic!  Boys have so many appliques to choose from Sports, Rock Star or Little Man!  They are SO “Cute” and Stylish!  Not matter what style you choose your baby will be the star of the nursery.
I thank God every day that he has brought me to where I am today.  I have a growing business that helps me to be able to stay home and watch my children grow.  I cherish every moment and kiss them a million times a day for they are My Inspiration, My “Cuties”!”
Cradle Cuties make  the perfect baby shower gift and welcoming baby gift in the hospital.  Perfect for new mommas everywhere!!!

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