Praying for Boys

Are you a single mom, working mom, stay at home mom, a married mom, a soon to be mom, or in the early stages of planning a future family? Do you have sweet lil boy’s that will grow up to be manly men one day? If so, I have a book for you! Brooke McGlothlin has just released a new book, “Praying for Boys.” The book is a wonderful resource for moms everywhere that strive to raise their lil boys to be Godly men. Remember we can not do it alone. Any mother knows it takes lots of prayer and guidance from the Great I Am. In this book, McGlothlin walks momma’s through the steps on how to pray for their son. I like how she describes praying in the very beginning of her book. There really are so many different ways that one can talk with God. My favorite is conversational prayer. That’s right you can share in conversation with the Lord. I do it everyday! The author describes what prayer is and explains why momma’s need to pray for their lil men. She then shares words straight from scripture and shares prayers that you can pray that will enrich his life and his walk with Jesus. This book was a real inspiration for me. There is so much more to pray for at night. It doesn’t just stop at praying for sweet dreams or to keep safe and warm through the night. We need to pray for things they need most like: obedience, overcoming fears, wisdom and purity.


Bethany House sent me a copy of this enriching book in exchange for my honest opinion. In my reflection I have found this book to not be just another great read, but one that has given me wisdom on how to pray for my son and the life that he will led as a man. It is now that his foundation is placed and it is now that I give my children completely to the Lord. For they are his and he is mine. God Bless ya’ll!

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