Brrr is what we Floridians say!

Brrr…another cold, cold day in Florida! I just checked the weather on my iPhone app and it is 41 degrees right now…won’t get any warmer then 63  today. When I left the house this morning at 6am it was 34 degrees out. I had to bundle my sweet lil chicklins up just like my momma bundled me up when I was their age. I remember my mother would layer me so much that I couldnt move, if had fallen over I probably would have never been able to get back up. I do the same now to my children. This morning they were dressed in many layers. A goes to a school that has a uniform dress code and they do not have a coat that is warm enough for severe winter cold. Her school jacket is more like a wind breaker. So…she left the house with a long sleeve shirt under her uniform shirt, her school jacket, a ununiformed jacket (she can wear only outdoors,) a hat, gloves, and a hoodie over her hat. My son doesnt like to be bundled but he couldnt escape momma bear. I was able to dress him in sweat pants, tee, sweatshirt, winter coat, mittens, hat, and a hoodie to double insulate his head. They looked so warm!!! I was very proud of my mothering skills this morning. Especially since I was barely awake and didnt succeed in dressing myself quite as warm. I was still stumbling around in my jammies when I noticed that we had ten minutes to get out of the house or we were gonna be LATE! I have such a hard time getting my body to move when it is so cold out. Don’t get me wrong! I love the cold weather. I would love to move and live in the mountains of North Carolina one day. But if I have to leave the house, I dont wanna! I would rather stay in bed and pretend to be a bear. I would love to go into hibernation mode. Well, since I dont have that liberty and I have to drive the kiddos to school and myself to work, I had to find a quick pick me up for the morning. So I made a slamming smoothie.

My Slamming Smoothie Recipe:

2 green apples sliced and with the skin (lots of good ol nutrients in the skin! Keep The skin!!!)

2 Kiwi’s sliced…no skin

1 cup fresh kale

1 cup spinach

1 cup of frozen mixed fruit (mango, pineapple, bananas, and peach)

2 cups of grape juice…all natural 100% juice

Blend it all up and it is delish! Fills my tummy up with super yummies and gives me the energy I need to start my day.


Have a slamming day ya’ll!

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