Let There Be Light

ImageGod’s World is good!  In this beautifully illustrated children’s book by Archbishop Desmond Tutu we are reminded of just how good God’s creation truly is.  This book takes us back to Genesis and walks us through the six 24 hour days that God took to create this magnificent world we call home.  The illustrations are bright and colorful.  My children enjoyed the magical way the images stood out to them as they turned every page.  I especially liked how the artist incorporated our Lord Jesus Christ in every page illustrating that God is omnipresent. This book is a great reminder of just how much God loves his creation and that everything he created is good and is right.  I liked that while I was reading, “Let There Be Light,” my children were interacting with me and were so familiar with the story.  I would read, “On the first day God created…”and my children would say “LIGHT!” This children’s book is the retelling of a true story straight from Genesis in the greatest book ever written, the word of God–the BIBLE!   Follow this link to watch an interview with the Archbishop about his book, “Let There Be Light.”


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