Another blessed Sunday.

This morning I woke up to the sweet sound of my children’s laughter. I especially love mornings like this. It sets the mood for the day. I arise out of bed and peek on my children, they are playing together. My nine year old daughter has invited her four year old brother and his super hero buddies to a party at the Barbie dream house. When they notice that I am watching, they both burst into deep laughter. This was the start to a beautiful day!  I am so blessed!  I may be a single mother, and times may be tough but the Lord shines his love and his light in my life.  My children are a reminder to me that I am loved but the great I AM.

A new day, new breath, new adventures to explore.


Dress: White Plum Boutique

Tights: Cents of Style

Boots Groopdealz

Jacket: La Redoute

Hat: made by my momma

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