Confident Faith: Building a Firm Foundation for Your Beliefs

How confident are you in your faith? Do you have a good foundation and understanding of why you believe what you believe? Are you a walking testimony to your faith and trust in God?

In Confident Faith by Mark Mittelberg you will explore these foundations and come to a better understanding of how you arrived at your beliefs; bolster your faith with evidence supported by science, logic, history, and most importantly the Bible–God’s word; and you will overcome roadblocks to spiritual confidence.

This book was designed to act as a “guide” to walk the believer through the process of how to be more confident in their beliefs and explain’s that one’s beliefs are or should be built on a solid foundation of facts supported by strong evidence. The greatest support and your starting point is the Bible, but other evidence is also provided. Mittelberg lays out the book in three sections:

*Six Faith Paths defined and explained in detail chapter by chapter. Included in this section is a “fun” questionnaire aiding in discovering the reader to discover how they arrived at their beliefs.

*Twenty Arrows of Truth of the Christian faith.

*Ten Barriers to Belief opens our eyes to stumbling blocks that can hold back the believer from an enriched journey and deep faith.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. As I turned the pages It became clear to me that I too can grow more confident in my faith. I can be more assertive with my beliefs and share the great news with people in my life with a great deal of confidence. With the right evidence I can support my beliefs as a Christian and that my starting point is God’s word. In a world where man’s word tries to dominate, I can still stand firm without defeat as long as I don’t put down my shield of defense ~God’s word.

Confident Faith by Mark Mittelberg–I received a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale Publishing.


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