Christmas is in the air

It is no secret, more and more families are decorating fake trees at Christmas time.  We are one of those families.  Apartment life doesn’t allow me the freedom of having a real Christmas tree.  My kids and I agree that what is missed is the sweet smell of Christmas.  The Balsam pine and woodsy scent mixed with cinnamon is a favorite during this very special time of year.  The Columbia Fragrance Company in Toledo, Ohio has perfected a blend of cinnamon with woodsy undertones in a candle they call Home for the Holidays.  Their candles are a blend of paraffin and soy wax and they burn clean.  The lead free wick eliminates the grey smoke and the smell of burnt candle when extinguished.  Burn the candle alone or in unison with a balsam pine candle.  The scent of Christmas will fill your home.


Today has been a relax and a catch up day.  The kids are enjoying Christmas movies and crafts.  I have also tried to sneak in the science fair project my daughter must turn in when she returns to school next year.  I will share details in a later post.  While crafting today the children made waterless snow globes.  They are quite easy to make and they are so pretty!  They make a sweet Christmas gift from the kids.


Materials needed:

Mason Jar with lid

Epsom salt

Christmas Tree (mini figure can be found at the dollar tree or kmart.)


Glue the Christmas tree to the inside of the lid of the jar.  Pour Epsom salt and glitter (if you desire) in to the jar a lil less then half way depending on the size of the Christmas tree.  Let adhesive dry and then seal the jar with the lid (Christmas tree side goes into the jar)  Shake and watch the snow  fall over the Christmas tree.  Super easy!!!

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