Why I will never shop Best Buy again…

First of all this is not the post that I was planning on publishing this evening. Three hours ago I sat down to compose a post about our Pine Cone Christmas trees we made today. But that will be a later post as I would like to take the time to share with you a very frustrating experience I had with Best Buy.
Yesterday I purchased a new laptop. I decided to download my own programs and try to find the best deal online with the Black Friday specials. I had no issue downloading the antivirus, but when it came to the Office 2013 I purchased from Best Buy well they just couldn’t get it right. It all started with the first download that was sent to me via email…it was for the wrong operating system. I called spoke to three people and finally was transferred to a tech that was able to generate a new download link for the correct operating system. I downloaded the program and it was no where to be found in my computer. I called the customer service number and the tech told me to download it again. Still no good. She told me to download it again…still no program. All I had access to was a SkyDrive online. I have now wasted two hours with technical help and have not gotten anywhere. So the tech says…”you um…should wait 24 hours and the icon will appear. It takes time to process in the background. If it does not appear call back for a full refund.” So 36 hours later I call and wasted over two hours, transferred 12 times, hung up on by a rep of best buy, and told that I am not eligible for a refund but I could pay for geek squad so they could help me further. I have to spend more money because your download was defective and you can’t satisfy my purchase? Basically I am stuck with wasted money and a poor program that can only be accessed online. Final words of tonight by Best Buy tech…” ma’am please try to download the program again, and call us tomorrow if you have the same problem. We will try to compensate you somehow, just not with a refund. A download does not make you eligible for a refund. Even though it is defective.”

Well thank you for shopping Best Buy where if you are not completely satisfied that is of no concern for us because we got your money!


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