Teaching your children about the five love languages

I recently received a copy of  “A Perfect Pet for Peyton,” written by Gary Chapman and Rick Osborne.  This book is about children discovering their love language and was a great follow up book to “The 5 Love Languages of Children, ” by Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell.  The book is about twins Penny and Peyton  and their amazing birthday celebration with friends.  While on a search for the perfect pet pal each child discovers their love language.  This was an amazing book to read with my children.  They enjoyed the mini activities throughout the book.  My son, who is 4 was excited to find the animals on the pages.  My daughter, who is 9 enjoyed guessing each character’s love language.  After taking the test in the back of the book we discovered that my daughter is a blend of two love languages while my son speaks one dominantly.  This is a great book and a great tool for families.


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