In need of a lil R & R

Last night my daughter says to me…”Mom, sit down and relax!  You are always cleaning!”   It was dinner time and the kids were sitting down to eat and I was eating standing up while cleaning the pots I just used to cook the meal.  I looked at her puzzled and it dawned on me that I had a serious problem; I do not know how to relax.  I am constantly doing something and in a rush to get the next thing done. I make verbal lists all day of what has to be done and as I am doing something I am verbally telling the kids the next planned activity.  I do not enjoy the here and now.

I pondered her statement most of the night.  The wheels in my head were turning.  I started noticing just how much I do not let myself relax and enjoy down time.  I mean, I do enjoy the occasional Lazy Saturday where the kids and I watch tv and crash on the couch.  Even then I am still doing something, like folding the laundry or sorting toys.  Wow! you say.   And this bath thing I hear so much about…I’m in and out.  There is no laying my head back on a cute lil bath pillow, enjoying the tranquility of the bath salts.
Why?  Why don’t I spend more time pampering myself and just shooting the breeze?  ((do they say that anymore?))  Then the list begins with I’m a single mother with a gifted daughter who is very talented and smart with straight A’s and homework every night even on weekends on holidays, a 4 year old that thinks he is a monkey mixed puppy constantly needing cuddles and hugs and kisses and mommy watch this and mommy watch that and mommy…I broke something and ahhhh mommy sister did this or brother did that and school, and work, and mommy’s night school and volunteering at the school and volunteering at church and church and errands and chores and blogging and petsitting and to top it off it is holiday season, and working out, and, and, and….I just stressed myself out making that list.  So I guess I really do need to relax….huh?
Ok so a little R & R wont kill me!  I’m thinking that tonight when the kids go to bed and all is quiet I am going to….
Delight myself in a long hot tranquil bath and use my new whipped bath soap in Seaside Escape from BunniesnBuggies, paint my toes a vibrant Fall color,  have a glass of wine, watch a movie, and rest my pretty lil head.  I am so excited that I just cant wait to get home and rush to get everyone to bed!  Just Kidding!!!  No more rushing!

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