Just an update

Just wanted to check in and give ya’ll an update.  I am headed into my fifth week of my first semester back in school.  Many of you know (from an earlier post, )  I have gone back to school for my BS in Criminal Justice.  It hasn’t been easy, but I am maintaining a high A in both of the classes I am currently enrolled in.  I am staying busy with work (fulltime 40+ hours,) working it as a single momma, and playing full time student.  I have even managed to start my Christmas shopping.  WOOT WOOT!!!  lol  Do you buy in store or online for Christmas?  My kids are to old to shop with.  They notice everything.  When they were babies I could toss anything in the cart and it didnt matter if they saw it.  They would never remember by the time we got home.  Now I order everything online!  A few things came in today from Toys R Us and I had some trouble hiding them in the trunk of my car. I picked up my daughter from school and popped the trunk for her to put her backpack in and I was like WOAH! Dont look!  Ahhhhh!!!!  Surprise almost ruined!!!   This year I am buying for one person at a time and wrapping the presents the moment I bring the items home.  I am loving this idea.  I wont have to worry about the mountains of presents to wrap later and the wrapping looks so much better.  Geez normally I would wait til Christmas Eve to wrap.  I would start out wrapping all fancy and by the end well…let’s just say the giftee was lucky there was paper on the gift haha.  Have a Happy Tuesday ya’ll!

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