The new bank card

Are you tired of the same ol’ boring debit card that your bank offers you?  Want a card that is cooler and appeals to your personality a little more and offers you the same great protection your current debit card does?  Have I found a convenient card just for you! offers a huge selection of debit cards that you may customize to your favorite show, sports team, animal, even celebrity!  With the Visa logo you can use this prepaid debit/credit card anywhere in store or online.  Seriously!  Pump your gas, pay your electricity bill, buy groceries, even pick up something nice for your wife or husband!
It is so simple to use.  Just sign up, load up the funds, and spend!  You can even set up direct deposit.  The use of the card is free for this first 30 days and $5.95 each month there after.  The best part is no more dull, boring cards!  I tested out this cute card!  Who could resist this adorable puppy sporting a cowboy hat.  He just melted my heart and the card was so easy to use.  I just swiped at the register like any other card.  No worries, no hassles!  Get yours today!!!  I think the hardest part was selecting the picture I wanted on my card.  So many cute selections.
Want more information?  Follow this link to CARD.COM and order your new Visa debit card now!

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