say boo and make some ghost feet!

Wowwwzers!  This week has been very crazy busy for me.  I have been meaning to post and catch up with ya’ll.  I am so sorry if I have failed to connect this week.  After a few years of contemplating, I have finally gone back  to school to pursue a BS in Criminal Justice.  I currently have my AS in Paralegal.  I am so excited to continue my education and pursue a career in a field that I have a great desire to be in.

As a mother, I try very hard to show my children how important an education is to a leading career.  I stay engaged and involved in their studies.   I also volunteer at the school as much as I can and in their extracurricular activities.  I believe a good foundation starts at home.  I have been reading to my children since pregnancy.  That’s right mom’s!  It is never to early to start reading to your babies.  When I was pregnant with my first child, I would sit in bed with board books and I would read to my dear A in my tummy.  I also listened to Mozart every day during my pregnancy.
Returning to school also shows my children first hand my respect for learning and teaches them a great deal.  Even though I have my AS in Paralegal I have never had the chance to use it.  I work performing administrative duties in an office environment.  To me it is just a job.  I am so excited that I have this opportunity to pursue my dreams.
Here is a fun activity to do at home with your kiddos for Halloween.
Ghost Feet
Materials needed:
Black construction paper
white non toxic paint
paint brush
black sharpie
cute lil feet
Step one:  Paint the bottom of the cute lil foot white
Step two: gently press the cute lil foot down on the black construction paper
Step three: Quickly and gently remove the cute lil foot off the paper.  It works best if you lift straight up with one hand and hold the paper down with the other to avoid smearing.
Step four:  set the ghost to dry
Step five: use a black sharpie to draw in the eyes and mouth
Super easy Super simple and Super fun!  You may want to keep a baby wipe close at hand to wipe the feetsies after the craft.
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