IT WORKS! The wraps that is.

Okay, so I was a lil skeptical at first, and then intrigued.  How could this wrap do all that?!  I have been stalking every distributors facebook page, reading the stories and looking at the pictures of just how this crazy wrap thing changed their lives in as little as 45 minutes!    I was still on the fence.  I didnt want to jump on the bandwagon just yet.  I mean, this could be another gimmick.  Then  one day, I came across  It Works by Megan Miller on facebook.  She was hosting a fan of the week giveaway and I thought yeehawwww this is my chance to try them for free.  I didn’t win a free wrap, but I did manage to learn more about the wrap and this is where my story begins.  I placed my order with Megan Miller for the Ultimate body applicator and also received a sample of greens and thermofit.  My main concern on my body is my baby pouch.  After having two children my skin stretched so much and nothing I did seemed to rid me of this problem area.

I still didn’t quite understand just how this wrap thing worked.  I knew it had a special formulated lotion that was super powerful and when the wrap is worn taut for 45 minutes it has some super serious results and it doesn’t stop working when you take it off…it works up to 72 hours!  You say no way?!  I say wayyyy!  I totally didn’t believe it either.  That is why I took pictures and at the end of this post I will share with you my personal results.  I have tried only one wrap thus far.  I actually wrapped myself with my second Ultimate body applicator this evening.  It is actually very simple to wrap oneself.  Just place the applicator in your area of choice…mine is my baby pouch and make sure to run out all the bubbled up places, then wrap yourself with saran wrap.  Yes!  Saran wrap!  Make sure to wrap yourself nice and taut.  Then sit back and relax while all the work is being done for you.  This wrap will tighten and tone your skin like never before.  I have also noticed my stretch marks are fading.  This makes me very happy!

If you have been on the fence and not so certain if this crazy wrap thing is for you…stop sitting and take that step to becoming a loyal customer.  This is your chance to make a feel good decision.   There is no question about it, the crazy wrap thing is amazing!  It will wow you!  I enjoy the fact that I can sit down and not have to pull up my pants to cover the bulge of my pouch,  I can just sit down!  My dear friend Megan Miller will help you get started, and if you like the results perhaps you will want to share the magic of IT WORKS!  with your friends and become a distributor.  Megan Miller can help you with that step as well.

And now to reveal my personal results just after one wrap!!!!

This is just after 32 hours!!!

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