Back to school

Yeehaw!  School starts next week round these parts.  How many of ya’ll have already sent the youngin’s back to school already?  We are just about ready to hit the learnin books on the ranch.  I got one ready to shine in 4th grade and my youngest just starting out in VPK.  So after you get the uniform and the long list of school supplies…the only thing left to do is plan them school lunches.  I love packin a lunch for my daughter.  It is fun to leave a sweet message or treat in the lunch bag.  This year my daughter is a lil more picky then normal and if I leave it up to here all she will be eatin is PB and J and yogurt all year.  So share with me your lunch menu for back to school.

And head on over to Yeehaw Social and get you some purdy rose rings for accessorizin or a new coffee sipper to hold that caffeine drink you will so desperately need to get your day a kick start!  Ive added some new things in my SHOP HERE consignment shop on facebook.

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