Super Easy Smoothies!

About three months ago I started a new diet…well kind of a diet.  I call it the smoothie for most of the week and still enjoy the yummies diet.  I drink a smoothie for breakfast, eat whatever for lunch, and have a smoothie for dinner or a lil something if I cooked a big meal for the kids.  I never deny myself anything that I am craving or want to enjoy.  That wouldn’t be any fun!  If my kiddos are enjoying ice cream, well so do I!  I have found that this is really working for me.  Our consumption of fruits has increased 95% in my house all because of the smoothies!!!    We are still trying to figure out to add more veggies in our smoothies and into our diets, but til then we get our dose veggies while watching our favorite Veggietales. 😉

There really isn’t any science that goes into making a smoothie  and it really is very simple!  I just add what I think tastes good.  Yes!!!!  It is that simple.  I make my smoothies in a blender, using 100% fruit juice and fresh or frozen fruit.  That is it!  Super yummy!  And don’t  forget the kale, wheat grass, or baby spinach!

Every smoothie I have made has been so scrumptious!  Even my kiddos enjoy drinking this fun drink.

I am going to now share with you a recipe for a smoothie I accidentally made yesterday that tastes exactly like the mango pineapple smoothie from McDonald’s, but it is 100 times better and healthier for you because it is all natural!!!!

Mango Pineapple Smoothie

1) 1/2 cup Mango Juice

2) 1 cup frozen Mango and pineapple chunks

That’s it!  Nothing else is needed!  Totally healthy for you!  Just blend in a blender, makes one smoothie.  AND it really does taste like the not so healthy version you can buy at McDonalds.

So here is the weigh in…when I started this smoothie for most of the week and still enjoy the yummies diet back in March of this year I weighed 156 and I now weigh 134.5!!!  I still have a lot to lose and Im sure if I cut out enjoying the extra yummies part I would lose a lot more faster.  However, I still want to enjoy some extras.  I am proud of what I have lost so far and I am having so much fun doing it!  I know that my family is healthier and we enjoy sipping our smoothies while watching our favorite shows or just sitting around laughing with one another!

Comment below and share your favorite smoothie recipes

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