Be prepared for the unthinkable…!

May 25th was the National Missing Childrens Day, a day of hope for families that are in search of their loved ones and most precious ones.  Most of my readers probably never had the thought cross their minds…”what if my son or my daughter went missing?”  But for those of us that are faced in a situaution where this is an option, it can be one of the scariest things and most heart wrenching.  I am one of those mothers that never thought that I would ever have to worry about the safety of my children and whether or not this may be the last day I see my children.  My personal experience has led me to be a prepared mom not one that is caught off guard with no idea of where to turn or what to do, and I would like to share with you what I have done to be prepared IF I was ever faced with this traumatic event in my life.

The time is now!  Gather all the following information in a notebook, include photocopies of the originals that you may have stored in a safe.  It is better to be prepared and never need this notebook then to have nothing and dont know where to find the info when it is needed.

1) Birth Certificates

2) Up to date physical from Doctor with height, weight, eye color, hair color

3) pictures: front view and side view.  Update every 6 months

4) if the threat has been placed by a family member or ex spouse have updated information of their family such as addresses, phone number, pictures and addresses of any contacts they may have overseas.

5) DNA sample ( lock of hair, bandaid with dried blood (stored in a ziploc, stored in freezer)

6) sign your child up for the Children’s Passport Issuance Alert Program

Teach your child your name, where he lives, and what your phone number is.  Always tell your child that no matter what you will always look for him/her and you will never give up on them.

Do not wait until you are in this situaution to gather your materials.  Have your data now and numbers of your police department handy.  Be prepared and Never give up!  Children are our greatest blessings and it is up to us (mothers) to protect them.

If you are needing additional support or have questions comment here.  You may also visit  This is a great resource!

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