So last night I dropped my iPhone in the toilet.  The worse part about it is my sweet boy hadn’t flushed the potty yet.  EWWWW!!!  I was trying to help him pull up his pants and I saw my phone slide across the counter and fly into the potty.  I quickly got it out and thought wow it didn’t get wet!  I started to check it for possible damage.  I tried to text and that worked.  I made a phone call and that worked too.  All of a sudden I realized that my ear piece wasn’t workin.  The person I called could hear me but I couldn’t hear them.  Oh no!!!  In a panic I powered down my iPhone.  BIG MISTAKE!!!  I couldnt get it to turn back on.  I tried everything I could think of.  I tried to plug it into the wall charger and no life.  It was dead.  I shook the phone, I blew into the phone, I plugged it back into the charger and again no life.  I thought it was over.  I started to have a panic attack.  My mind started to go…How would anyone get a hold of me?  How would I text my sweet love who lives hours away?  How would I retrieve my pictures and videos?

I remembered someone telling me about this rice trick, so I tried it.  It is  really very simple.  All you need is a water damaged cell phone, a ziploc or plastic container, and rice.  Simply pour the rice in the ziploc or plastic container and submerge your water damaged phone in it.  Seal it/cover it.  Let it sit over night. In the morning check the phone and it should be as good as new, like MAGIC!  Wahoooo!  I tried it and amazingly enough it worked!  I kept the rice in the container and put it away for safe keeping.  Never know when I will need emergency rice!


Has this ever happened to you?  What have you done to fix a water damaged cell phone?  Did it work?

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